We have partnered up with EARTH Hotels

December 1, 2022

We connected the Sun Beach Resort project with the hotel operator EARTH Hotels. It is a hotel operator that cares about the environment and modernity. Together we agreed that the hotel in the SBR project will be named EARTH Shore.

We are very pleased to cooperate with EARTH Hotels

EARTH Hotels is a lifestyle brand founded by Raki Phillips together with Alan Honein. The principles of their brand lie in sustainability, unique style and creating unique experiences for guests. Thanks to our cooperation, our investors will not have to worry about the operation of the hotel at all. Hotel operator EARTH Hotels aims to harmonize nature, technology and tradition in our hotel within the SBR project.

Name of our hotel within SBR project is now EARTH Shore

As part of the cooperation with Earth Hotels, together we decided to rename our hotel to EARTH Shore. However, the name of the project does not change and it still operates under the name Sun Beach Resort. Hotel EARTH Shore adapts to the concept of luxury accommodation in a modern environment, which at the same time embraces sustainability. The vision is to create a unique eco-hotel concept with sustainable practices that conserve natural resources and reduce the impact on the environment, without lacking the hotel's sophisticated urban life.

More about the SBR project here: www.sun-beach-resort.com

Guests can look forward to integrated digital technologies, locally sourced food and ingredients, and unique programs for individuals as well families. The epicenter of the EARTH Shore hotel will be a lounge with a multi-purpose space, a gaming zone, a retail zone and a coworking space. Solar panels, atmospheric water generators and much more will work at our EARTH Shore Hotel.

Take part in a sustainable project!

Do you want to invest your capital in a way that positively affects society and contributes to a sustainable future as well getting above-standard profit? Our Sun Beach Resort project is the right choice for that.

Why is sustainability so important to us at PRESTON?
1. We care about our planet and the conditions under which future generations will live here.
2. We want to be environment concious and beneficial to our society.
3. Investing in sustainability pays off, as it becomes more important to consumers every year.

So don't hesitate and take a step with us to change for the better

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